Waltz USB

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The most amazing DAC and HPA

Perfect interpretation of music with XMOS solution

  • USB signal Isolation
  • ±1.0ppm TCXO
  • USB Audio 2.0(high speed)
  • 192KHz/24-bit
  • Headphone Outputs

Internal 192KHz/32-bit High-Quality Processing
Waltz USB adopts PCM1795 as its D/A converter and brings you a brilliant audio performance with 123dB dynamic range, ultra low noise and 0.0005% distortion.

High accuracy ±1.0ppm TCXO
For the reason of reducing jitter, Waltz USB uses high accuracy ±1.0ppm TCXO and supports Asynchronous mode. Both of TCXO and Asynchronous mode will ensure more clear and details of music.

XMOS USB controller
Use XMOS USB controller which is compliant with USB audio 2.0 high speed mode to obtain an 192KHz/24-bit high quality sound under Asynchronous mode. The original sound is reproduced faithfully with bit perfect playback.

ASIO / WASAPI supported
Dedicated ASIO and WASAPI driver to completely exclude the forced conversion process of the operating system for sound files to avoid deterioration in sound quality and keep the original sound.

Work for Windows / Mac
Waltz USB is working for both Windows and Mac OS X. Support Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8. In Mac OS X, version 10.6.3 or later is required and 192KHz/24-bit audio data will be sent as long as using native driver.

Headphone Output
Waltz USB is using advanced TPA6120 to take care of headphone output. It features 120dB dynamic range, excellent SNR and 0.00014% distortion.

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